About Tom (owner, father, husband, friend, and machinist)


My mission is for everyone to enjoy a good PARTY. I am always looking to have and go to great parties!

There's nothing better than a summer get together, where the drinks are flowing, kids are playing and friends are laughing around the BBQ. That's where great debates start, like if Tiger will ever make it back on top... or what rules we should enforce when our daughters start dating...

So, here is my start to what I hope will be one of many RiDICKulous THINGS. 

My riding chicken stands that I'm selling right now are sure to start great conversations and uncontrollable laughter! Check out my four different designs. Make sure to read the descriptions of each beer can chicken stand. I spent many late nights drinking beer and using what my wife calls my "dry sense of humour". I'm pretty happy with what I came up with.

I'm always excited to help others make their ideas come to life and for the ideas to have the best design. So, if you're looking for custom work, I do that too! I'm a trained machinist and love designing. Shoot me an email and we can make it happen.

I sincerely hope you have fun with the RiDICKulous beer can chicken stands and have a good laugh with your friends and loved ones. Don't forget to share my website with your friends, so that my wife can't say that this is just another one of my RiDICKoulous ideas! 

Here's to the funnest dinner and backyard BBQ parties!

Stay tuned for more things that meet the RiDICKulous standard. In the future, I plan on helping create great parties by designing grills and meat branding accessories. 



This weeks "Most bought Item" is ROOSTER LOVE

Rooster Love beer can chicken stand