Beer can chicken on the grill, in the oven, and smoked: How to video

Assembly videos below


Making a beer can chicken is easy and gets you moist and crispy chicken! The hardest part is the "wobbliness" if you don't have a stand. But we have you covered on that one! Check out our great collection of stands.

All you need is a can of beer, chicken, stand, BBQ/OVEN/SMOKER, and about 45mins-1hr.

Don't worry, I was nervous my first time. Take my hand, watch this short video, and I will show you how to make the moistest chick.

In this video, you will see how to put the stand together and a basic seasoning. Then I will show you how to get the chicken ready for the grill. 

There are lots of great websites about beer can chicken. This one talks about how stands make the process easier. Our stands not only make beer can chicken easy but are a great laugh and simple to assemble/disassemble

Biker Chick assembly video:

Rooster Love assembly: