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a gift that will be left in wills

Rooster Love Beer Can Chicken Stand™

Trick Him Into Making Supper!

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Rest assured with our lifetime warranty, providing peace of mind and long-lasting performance.


Free and Fast Shipping to USA and Canada! 3-5 Days

World Wide is about 5-14 Days


Top quality stainless steel is used. Making it Dishwasher Safe!


1- Start with a 6 pack, drink the first 5 and 3/4. (12oz or 355ml cans)

2- Season the bird, salt and peper is enough

3- Have a drink

4- Put the beer can (with about 1/4 full of liquid) into one of Toms RIDICKulous Stands!

5- Put the chicken onto the beer can

6- Have a drink

7- Put the chicken with the stand into the preheated bbq at 350F (175C)

8- Have a few beer, it will take about an hour

9- Take it out when its over 165F (75C) and rest for 10 minuites.


Yes, of course! Never cook a chicken without SUNGLASSES!

You, the human, will have to get your own sunglasses

 100% money back or replacement Guarantee 

Only YOU Can Turn Him Into A Hero!

Look how happy and muscular I am.

YOUR man can be more like me with these simple exercises!

With only 3 beer Can Chickens A DAY will make him strong and good looking. 

(Arms may look larger then in reality)

3 Chicks, 1 Grill!

Would you like to know the secret to a mans heart? Try a chicken stand from Toms RiDICKulous Things. If this gift does not make him laugh, we’ll give you your money back!