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a gift that will be left in wills

Swining Balls With 5 Roasting Sticks!

Trick Him Into Making Supper!

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Top quality stainless steel is used. Making it Dishwasher Safe!


1- Start with a 6 pack, drink the first 5 and 3/4. (12oz or 355ml cans)

2- Season the bird, salt and peper is enough

3- Have a drink

4- Put the beer can (with about 1/4 full of liquid) into one of Toms RIDICKulous Stands!

5- Put the chicken onto the beer can

6- Have a drink

7- Put the chicken with the stand into the preheated bbq at 350F (175C)

8- Have a few beer, it will take about an hour

9- Take it out when its over 165F (75C) and rest for 10 minuites.


Yes, of course! Never cook a chicken without SUNGLASSES!

You, the human, will have to get your own sunglasses

Here at the innovative research lab at Toms RiDICKulous Things Corp, Dr. Tom (Not a real doctor) has spent countless hours thinking on how to best show off his best features. After years of research, he has realized that he does not have any "best features" to show off.

Gone are the boring days of roasting boring hotdogs on a boring fire. Gone are the days when it was embarrassing when your testicals were not in your pants. Free those bad boys over the campfire and warm them up! Luckily, you dont have to use your own testicals!

 None the less, with some embellishing, he has taken "a feature" to show off, and... and, well, you can watch the video of the testicals dancing in the fire pit. This hilarious and very unique addition will sure make everyone laugh when your camping or at a backyard party!

The Dancing balls are made in Canada with stainless steel to make it dishwasher safe!

The custom made roasting sticks are probably the best roasting sticks out there with:

-2 parallel forks that are almost 4" long"

-The telescopic forks go up to 35" when fully errect and 10" long when its not ready for action.

-The 5 forks and the Swinging Balls 

-And a bag that says "Roast'em If You Got 'em"!

Only YOU Can Turn Him Into A Hero!

Look how happy and muscular I am.

YOUR man can be more like me with these simple exercises!

With only 3 beer Can Chickens A DAY will make him strong and good looking. 

(Arms may look larger then in reality)

3 Chicks, 1 Grill!

Would you like to know the secret to a mans heart? Try a chicken stand from Toms RiDICKulous Things. If this gift does not make him laugh, we’ll give you your money back!