How to Wash, Season, and Maintain your RiDICKulous riding chicken stand

All the stands are now Stainless Steel or nickel plated (Tom 2.0), no special care is needed. It is dishwasher safe!

If you have a stand that is blue-ish color, read below:

Your cooking stand is made out of the finest quality mild steel. The same steel most BBQ grills are made out of.

Take care of your stand similar to the way you would a cast iron pan. Here’s a great fact or fiction video about caring for cast iron pans (in case you're thinking of switching from non-stick to cast iron...I highly recommend it). Don’t be scared, like cast iron pans once you try it, you’ll be a pro and never go back to other pans or stands!

Steps to take care of your RiDICKulous stand when you first get it:

  1. Season your stand (by “seasoning” I don’t mean salt and pepper or poultry seasoning... who would want to eat a salty piece of metal anyways???).
  2. To season your stand, preheat your OVEN to 450 degrees (you can also do this in your BBQ on high heat).
  3. Place the stand in the OVEN/BBQ for 10mins (or approx. the time it takes to drink one beer) to heat it up.
  4. Remove the stand and brush on a thin coat of high oil unsaturated fat (for example, flax seed and vegetable oil) while it’s still hot. You can use a paper towel and make sure it’s a thin coat.

*It’s important that you use unsaturated fats because they’re more reactive and so make for the best seasoning.

  1. Place the stand back in the OVEN/BBQ for 10mins. Or if you’re measuring in drinking time... one beer, cooler, spirit or glass of wine.
  2. Repeat the steps 2 more times. Trust me, it’ll be worth it!! Plus you and your stand will be in tip-top shape once you’re done.
  3. Store your stand in Toms RiDICKulous things burlap sac. The burlap sac helps absorb moisture.


Day-to-day (aka party-to-party) care of you riding chicken stand:

  1. After you enjoy your moist and crispy chick, take apart the stand and clean it up (you don’t need to unbend the parts). You can use a pea size amount of mild dish soap on a wet paper towel. Once you give it a light scrub, rinse of the soap.
  2. Make sure to dry your riding chicken stand right away.
  3. If you plan on passing your RiDICKulous stand down from generation to generation (let’s be honest... who wouldn’t! The stand will become a legendary family heirloom!!), season it once every 3-5 times you make chicken.
  4. You only need to season it once to maintain it (not 2 times like when you first got the stand). In other words, every 3-5 times you make a moist and crispy chicken add oil only once to the stand.
  5. Again, store your stand in the RiDICKulous burlap sac that came with the product. The sands were designed to be easily assembled/disassembled for convenient storage in the small sac.

 ***If you have a wild and sloppy party (it happens to the best of us!) and leave your stand out on the BBQ grill in the rain, DON’T WORRY. You can use sanding paper, take off any abuse and season it twice like when you first got it



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