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a gift that will be left in wills

La Canuck Beer Can Chicken Stand™

Trick Him Into Making Supper!

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Who doesn't want to see this Canadian snow princess have the happy ending she's always dreamed of?

Inconveniences and cold weather won't ruffle her feathers. She will be more than happy to take a ride in the oven or bbq, she's flexible that way. Don't let her crispy exterior fool you, she's moist and tender on the inside! Nothing fazes her and this chick will be the politest and most enjoyed guest at the party. 

The moisture after she conquers a Canadian beer or apple cider will be unbelievable. This beer can chicken stand is a MUST at your next hockey party!

 Perfect BBQ tool for backyard parties, cottage gift, Thanksgiving, Christmas gift, Fathers day, for the "hard to buy for person"! Entertain your friends with this funny chicken holder!

Cooking beer can chicken is easy! And roasting chicken on a bbq, grill or oven is the best way to cook a chicken! Here are the basic instructions:

Things you need:

- Beer. I like to start with 24 of them, some doctors say you can never have too much... I have what's call "selective hearing"
- Chicken rub or chicken spices. You can use anything you want, salt and pepper works great too
- A beer can chicken holder- obviously, you'd want a cool stand from Toms RiDICKulous Things!
- BBQ, Grill, Charcoal barbeque or Oven.

*** You can also use pop, wine or anything you want. But it works best on a 355ml, 12oz can


- Preheat to about 350 °F or 177˚Celsius
- Drink 3/4 of the can of beer. Leave about 1/4 in the can. This will steam inside your chicken keep your chicken moist
- Season your bird on a cutting board
- Assemble stand, insert beer can
- Put chicken on top of can
- If your cooking in the oven, use a baking sheet... Your wife will get mad at you if you don't
- Cook for about 1 hr to 1.5 hrs depending on the size of the bird
- Make sure the internal temp is 165°F or 75° Celsius
- Let it sit on a cutting board for about 10 min


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Imagine opening the bbq at your next BBQ party or family event and with the laughter and people enjoying juicy chicken!