Jeff Trudel's Beer Can Chicken Recipe *Instagram Influencer

Jeff Trudel's Beer Can Chicken Recipe *Instagram Influencer

By: Jeff Trudel

Jeff Trudel Beer can chicken recipe
Instagram @jeffyttaco

Bio:  Just an ordinary guy with a passion & love for the cooking. Making magic from the kitchen on the BBQ or open fire creating those memorable tasty foods for the people I love.

The Great Canadian Bird🐔

The Brine

It all starts with an overnight bird bath that consists of freshly squeezed orange, lemon, cilantro, parsley, garlic cloves, smoked salt, peppercorn, brown sugar, Thai chilies, fresh slices of ginger, soy sauce and water.

I don't measure my ingredients but if you take a look at the pictures it gives you a guesstimation.

This bird was dropped in the cooler overnight with frozen bottles of water keeping it cool.

The following day the bird was rinsed how to dry dropped on Rooster Love beer can chicken holder from Toms RiDICKulous Things with a half a can call Sleeman clear beer which had a few cloves of garlic dropped into the can.

Cooked on the Traeger grill at 350° for approximately three and a half hours using Pitmaster Choice pellet

Chicken Prep

Chicken with spices

Rooster Love with extra wings

Chicken on the BBQ



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