Beer Can Chicken

Beer Can Chicken

Vegan Chicken


Summer is that time of the year when we enjoy the house parties and try new vegan chicken or poultry recipes. A BBQ party in the backyard is a must-have to make the most of this season. One of the popular dishes that we all enjoy is beer can chicken. It is fun to cook and exceptionally flavorful.

Beer can chicken, as the name suggests, is cooked by stuffing the beer can in the chicken's cavity. Placing the can on the grill or stove, let the chicken get cooked by getting indirect heat. If you are wondering how well they can manage to stand, simply pull the chicken legs forward to form a tripod and make the chicken stable over the can. The taste is amazing and the richness of flavors is an experience you might not want to miss.

How to Cook Beer Can Chicken:

Cooking a beer can of chicken isn't tricky at all. You can add your choices and tricks to it to make it a complete pleasure for your taste buds. Everyone has their secret recipe to make beer can chicken the way they like. However, here is a simple recipe that you can give a try:


Olive oil, beer can, chicken, paprika, salt, mustard powder, cayenne pepper, black pepper

How to Prepare:

Firstly, heat the barbecue. It will be ready for use when lames die and coals ashen. Mix all the ingredients and rub them all over the chicken thoroughly, ensuring they are spread all over it and inside out.

Open the beer can using a can opener and pour half of the beer somewhere. Set the chicken on top of the open beer can. It helps in keeping the chicken moist. Set aside the coals and put the can on the barbecue's surface. Close the lid and let it cook for at least 1hr and 20min. Wait till the chicken gets tender and brown.

What Makes Beer Can Chicken More Fun?

Cooking chicken on top of a beer can is just the tip of the iceberg of the fun part. The real excitement comes with its display stands. You heard it right! There is a complete range of stands that will make your chicken look chic or funny (as per you're your choice) and steal the limelight at your barbecue party.

Tom's RiDICKulous Things' beer can chicken stands are the real depiction of funny. You can find a variety of them; for example, rooster love beer can chicken stand, Merica biker chick beer can chicken stand, flaming biker chick beer can chicken stand etc.

According to Tom, the owner: 'these chicken stands are sure to start great conversations and cause uncontrollable laughter!' You need to ensure that you have picked the funniest one that will add to the ambience of your BBQ party. They are more like an essential prop for your summer fun time that you must not miss having.

Get that party started!

Adding beer can chicken to your BBQ party's menu will likely multiply the fun you will have. Great taste coupled with creative presentation makes it a must-have for you. It is a fantastic way to feed your guests flavorful food while giving them a good laugh with the creatively funny beer can chicken stand. You will love the vibe they add to the party!

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