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a gift that will be left in wills

Wood Splitter Drill Bit- Machined in One Piece!

Trick Him Into Making Supper!

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Top quality stainless steel is used. Making it Dishwasher Safe!


1- Start with a 6 pack, drink the first 5 and 3/4. (12oz or 355ml cans)

2- Season the bird, salt and peper is enough

3- Have a drink

4- Put the beer can (with about 1/4 full of liquid) into one of Toms RIDICKulous Stands!

5- Put the chicken onto the beer can

6- Have a drink

7- Put the chicken with the stand into the preheated bbq at 350F (175C)

8- Have a few beer, it will take about an hour

9- Take it out when its over 165F (75C) and rest for 10 minuites.


Yes, of course! Never cook a chicken without SUNGLASSES!

You, the human, will have to get your own sunglasses

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The one time when Smaller Is better!

After a lot of testing, I have found that having a smaller diameter works much better. Normally, the big diameter is 32mm (1-1/4"). Now these one piece wood splitters are 22mm (7/8"). This helps reduce the torque needed to plow through the log! 

✦Product Name: Screw Wood Splitter Reversible Cutting Tool

✦ Safer than an axe!

✦Material: Solid Steel

✦Dimensions: 3.9 Inches or 100 mm Long and 22mm or 7/8" Diameter

✦Made In: Canada

✦Reversible: Yes

✦Package Includes: 1x Screw Wood Splitter & 2x Free eBooks

* Scan code on package and Watch safety video before using! Safety first

✦Application: Home, outdoor, camping, farms. Split tough oak, hickory, walnut, sycamore and so on

This Screw Wood Splitter is made with high solid steel. It's exceptionally strong, impact resistant and wear resistant. long service life, high hardness, super toughness. The Pointed head design and non-slip groove prevent slippage and improve efficiency. Deep thread design helps you split large firewood easily. Even if the drill bit is stuck in the wood, you can reverse the wood Splitter so that you can easily remove the drill bit from the wood.
★ Made from one solid steel bar. The problem with the others is that they come in 2 pieces, so when it gets stuck in the wood, they reverse the drill and it comes apart. Since mine is just one solid piece, it can reverse. I think this is the only one

★ The threaded body has a unique profile to reduce the surface area touching the wood

★ Over sized thread on the largest diameter helps plow through the wood

★ This versatile wood splitter hand tool works great for splitting oak, hickory, walnut and so much more. Widely applicable to home, outdoor, camping, farms.

★ Improve work efficiency and practicality. Save time and effort, help you to chop firewood easily

★ Grooved anti-slip design for long hours of work, making work feels comfortable

★ Efficient Wood Cut tool for logs and open the wood for quick separation of logs and increased productivity. The sharp head helps to open wood faster and easier. It is very convenient to separate the wood.

★ Also get 2 free ebooks on " Practical ways of heating with wood" and "101 Camping & Outdoor Recipes"

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Only YOU Can Turn Him Into A Hero!

Look how happy and muscular I am.

YOUR man can be more like me with these simple exercises!

With only 3 beer Can Chickens A DAY will make him strong and good looking. 

(Arms may look larger then in reality)

3 Chicks, 1 Grill!

Would you like to know the secret to a mans heart? Try a chicken stand from Toms RiDICKulous Things. If this gift does not make him laugh, we’ll give you your money back!