FUNNY BEER CAN CHICKEN: It's not only about the gift... it's about the reaction!!!

Create conversation, shock and laughter this Xmas

Tom Mueller
Owner of RiDICKulous Things

Without a funny beer can chicken present: Typical Christmas morning....

You wake up, stumble down the stairs or hall (one too many rum and eggnogs!), and find yourself sitting around the tree with a smile on your face watching everyone open presents.

Great aunt Sally has bought you a box of chocolates or random nick nack. You thank your cousin for the 26 oz of Whiskey. Thank your sister-in-law for the gift basket and watch everyone else open presents and exchange pleasantries.  All is good but pretty much the same as every other Christmas day. You won't remember if your cousin bought you whiskey or rum but know they bought you something you will use and like. Things are good                          

Want to change things up this year? Do you want to give someone the best and funniest Xmas gift they'll ever get? The gift that everyone laughs over and talks about? The present that no one will ever forget!

Now imagine Xmas day where there's a RiDICKulous stand under the tree... 

You've bought  a beer can (aka beer butt, drunken, dancing) chicken stand. Someone opens the stand...Questions start:

Is that a real chicken? Can I actually cook chicken with this thing? Can I use this in the oven? BBQ? Smoker?

You happily answer "Yes!" to all. 

Rooster rider beer can chicken stand

Your friend/loved one goes on to read the descriptions of their beer can chicken stand present...They start to say out load :

"All your friends will be salivating from their mouths when you bring the hottest chick to the BBQ!"

"Who doesn't want to see this Canadian snow princess have the happy ending she's always dreamed of?"

"Here's the case where you need to be thoughtful/considerate and wait till she's done before you take her off!"

Everyone is laughing and busting a gut around the tree!! Who says stuff like this?? Is this for real? This is all about making the moistest chick?

Then you and your family/friends go to the website...You start to watch a video...why wouldn't you all watch a seductive and educational video together (classic 80s porn music and all)...

This is sure to be the most memorable Christmas of your life!!

The xmas gift you will all laugh over!!

Buy your loved ones and friends the gift that keep on giving. Your present will help throw the best parties with FOOD YOU WILL ALL LAUGH OVER!!

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