Beer + Chicken =?

Beer + Chicken =?

Beer + Chicken =?

Anthony Martorina talks about beer can chicken

Food connects everyone. Regardless of where you live, the food you eat introduced by foreign nations is just a window into their culture. The same curiosity for food inspired a local entrepreneur from Chicago to promote the culinary lifestyle as a food influencer.

The recipe is brought to us by Anthony Martorina. He is well known for combining creativity with culinary arts, and this recipe is no different. We present you Beer Can Chicken. The recipe is inspired by the intensity of the spices with the delicious taste of beer. The beer makes the chicken moist and tender in all the correct places, which Anthony Martorina discovered while judging a cooking competition in North Carolina. Continue reading to fall in love with the recipe.

The ingredients

  • One entire chicken that weighs around 4 lbs.
  • Half a stick of butter because butter makes everything delicious. The mise en place requires butter slices.
  • You need a can of beer—the cheap stuff! Keep the expensive chilled and have it later to curb the restlessness while the chicken bakes.
  • Rosemary and thyme. The fresher, the better.
  • Store-bough chicken seasoning or make one yourself.
  • If you wish to make a custom seasoning, combine garlic powder, black pepper, chili powder, onion powder, paprika, and cayenne. Toss the seasonings in the bowl and give it a good whisk to achieve homogeneity.

Time to cook!

  1. Blast the gas grill at a temperature between 350°F to 375°F. The preheat time will depend on the manufacturer and model of the grill, so manage accordingly.
  2. Now lovingly place the chicken onto the cutting board or the kitchen counter. Begin adding the sliced butter underneath the skin of the chicken.
  3. Now rub the seasoning outside of the chicken and inside its cavity. Take your time massaging the seasoning so the flavors blend.
  4. Pour half a beer can into a glass and toast to your cooking skills. Pat yourself on the back and get back to work!
  5. Do not go overboard by using more than half a can of beer. You need to build steam. It does not need to be a sauna that makes the chicken droopy and soggy.
  6. Into the half-poured beer glass, mix in the rosemary, thyme, and other herbs. These flavors will infuse very well with the steam.
  7. Now grab the beer-infused herb solution and stick it inside the cavity of the chicken. Yes, it will be uncomfortable, but it is also necessary.
  8. Now time to get the chicken onto the stand. Be very careful not to waste the seasoning and well-massaged butter.
  9. Check if the gas grill has reached the desired temperature. If so, carefully place the chicken on the grill in indirect heat.
  10. Close the grill and grab the chilled, expensive alcohol we talked about. Imagine how delicious and juicy the chicken will be! Manifest happy thoughts and drink the alcohol while salivating with every sip.
  11. A four-pound chicken will require 70 minutes to cook properly. However, since each grill is different, cooking time may vary.
  12. To see if the chicken is cooked flawlessly, insert a thermometer at its thickest point. The temperature must register at165°F with no colorful juices.
  13. Remember, a pink chicken means it’s undercooked. A rubbery texture that exhausts the jaw from chewing means it’s overcooked. For a perfectly cooked chicken, ensure it is white.
  14. Wrap the chicken in the foil when it is out of the grill. Let it rest for about 10 minutes before serving.

Danger! Danger!

  • Do not attempt to remove the beer can with bare skin. It will be scorching hot. Furthermore, don’t drink from it either!
  • You can wear a protective glove in the dominant hand or both hands to protect yourself from the heat. Oven mitts will work too. If you have someone around, ask for assistance. No need to act like a hero while cooking a chicken.
  • If you don’t own a grill, fret not! You can make the Beer Chicken in the oven too. Remember to lay down the chicken in a pan to catch the juices; otherwise, your kitchen will be hearing from the fire department.

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